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A Third Eye Seer’s Consultation special noun

/ə θɜːd aɪ sɪrs ˌkɑnslˈteɪʃn/

1. [multifaceted] consultation based on a personalised blend of Astrology, Tarot and Intuitive Guidance

2. [committed] having your life untangled, clarified and understood

3. [empowering] being guided to connect with your own wisdom and personal power
Consultation (1)

I have been doing consultations for a while and I’m seeing myself, increasingly, moving away from the old model of ‘Asking the Guru’ and towards a coaching approach.

In the ‘Asking the Guru’ model, it is presupposed that

  1. The astrologer/tarot-reader/intuitive has all the answers
  2. Is always right;
  3. That the client’s life is ruled by fate and destiny and if there are issues, it is the ‘bad luck’ of the client. 
While the above methodology is not wrong, I’ve come to realize that the model effectively denies the divinity and wisdom of the client. It is a model which shifts the power and responsibility of the client unto the ‘guru’ and the client’s ‘fate and destiny’.
By moving towards a coaching approach, the dynamic shifts:
  1. The astrologer/tarot-reader/intuitive does not know more than the client. His job is to lead the client to his/her own wisdom and knowing.
  2. The modalities and tools used by the astrologer/tarot-reader/intuitive describes but do not prescribes what the client needs, wants or does;
  3. Fate and destiny is not a static entity and the client, via the guide of the astrologer/tarot-reader/intuitive is in co-creation with the universe.
Not only is the client responsible for his or her life, he or she is also empowered to reach the highest potential at present.
In optimizing the effectiveness of this approach, sessions would be sold in sets of hours as per below:

Sessions will also include a complementary 30 minutes check-in 8 to 10 weeks from the final session as part of post-consultation care. An astrological report could also be requested for a small fee (applicable only for Astrology clients).


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