"It was such an enlightening and enriching conversation with Gabriele! Whether you are looking into knowing what stars are all about or want to explore what's in store for you in your coming future - this is the place to contact. It's more than just predictions - it's knowing yourself a little bit more, bracing yourself for the storms and appreciating the joys in life through a thoughtful conversation over coffee."
Swati Jain, 29
"Definitely opens your mind to different perspectives and reaffirms your train of thoughts/things that you believe in. Through conversations or sessions with Gabriele, not only does it makes me understand myself better, it also helps me to realise why do I feel a certain way or act in a certain way. All these will definitely assist you in making wiser decisions in the future. Efficient, hardworking and knowledgeable, worth giving it a shot if you are considering!"
Felicia Koh, 20
"I went to Gabriele sometime in December last year and it was definitely worth it. For the past 3 months since my consultation with Gabriele, I found myself wondering about the things he mentioned which I was clueless about during the consultation then and it started to make things so much clearer. My consultation with Gabriele included a full year reading of 2018-2019 and now that it’s March, I’m in awe of how precise the report is and I’m really thankful and am actually a little excited to find out what’s lying ahead of me... I will totally recommend him to everyone who wants a reading done because he is not only just good at what he does but is also very sincere and honest. Thank you again, Gabriele."
Regina Ho, 29
Financial Consultant
"What I really like about the session is the way that it was conducted. Instead of just listening to him talk about my birth chart, Gabriele encouraged me to speak and reflect on events that had happened through my life (all the while, as he was listening attentively and sincerely). As I speak, patterns were revealed, and I started to see aspects of myself that had remained hidden for the longest time. Gabriele then gently guided me to understand how these events may have affected me on a psychological/emotional level (events that I had unconsciously pushed away as it may have been too difficult to deal with). ... For me, through the session with Gabriele, I had gained a greater self-awareness and sense of direction."
May Chen, 32


"I’m really glad that a close friend of mine recommended that I meet with Gabriele for a session. During my session of channeled reading, I learnt a lot more about myself in a way where one would not usually get to. With this, I got my mind opened to self-realization including understanding more about my potential, capabilities and weaknesses. Gabriele was patient while guiding me through the whole process slowly, and also ensuring that I understood what was being told to me. I strongly recommend setting up a session with Gabriele if you require in-depth guidance for yourself. Gabriele, I am most grateful for our session today."
Melanie Weller, 30
"Just had an interesting session done with Gabriele earlier on, and he has shared some interesting details about my personal life. What I find particularly interesting is that Gabriele doesn't just answer your questions, but rather he helps you understand what it happened, and gives you suggestions on improving, and make you understand why things happen for a reason. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a reading done because he is sincere and honest, and also precise and thorough."
Marcus Chng, 31