Astrology is more than just your ‘Star Sign’ or ‘Zodiac Sign’ commonly found at the back of lifestyle magazine. Professional Astrology requires very detailed information about the individual: Date, Exact time and City of Birth. Using these information, a chart can be drawn up and the relative positions of the planetary and luminary bodies vis-a-vis Earth can describe recurring themes in an individual’s life. 

Going beyond simplistic assessment of ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’, my job is to describe to the clients what’s going on in their lives, the recurring patterns that show up and assist them to master these patterns in order to create their desired results. 


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Inner Guidance

Tarot and Oracle Cards

Intuitive Guidance

Despite its ‘scary reputation’, Tarot is simply a divination tool. Its rich imagery helps the reader to tap into their intuition and provides an archetypal understanding of an individual’s life and situation. 

I use Tarot and Oracle Cards to help my clients flesh out difficult situation they are in and give further insights about the recurring patterns and themes from the Astrology Chart. The cards also provide guidance and wisdom that the client can take away in order to work through the situations they are in. 

The Divine is vast and it is always speaking to us. It is always ready to deliver us a message that we need to hear, whatever that may be. The question is, are we listening?

As an intuitive guide, my job is to connect and listen to these divine guidance in order to help my clients make sense of the way forward and understand, from a higher perspective, whatever is going on for them and their lives. Whether it is the Akashic Records, the Spirit Guides, The Angelic Realm, or any other Gods and Goddesses or the Ascended Masters that I am receiving from, my job is to communicate and relay to my clients with neutrality and without judgement. 

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