Contact Gabriele at gabriele.sees@gmail.com or viathe Contact Me page. Leave your details behind and he’d contact you.

The both of you will settle the date, time for the reading via texts, phone call or email. You arrange to make 50% of the payment and he’d see you at the mentioned venue and time. 🙂

*For Astrology, please note that exact birth details are required for accuracy: birth date, birth city and birth time. Do note that even one minute discrepancy in birth time can greatly affect the accuracy of the reading (i.e. 2.15pm and 2.16pm will yield different interpretation)

The 50% of the payment is for the purpose of confirming the consultation. It acts as a way of discouraging no-show since that payment will not be refunded.

For most of the consultations, Gabriele actually have to do relevant preparatory work before the consultation. A no-show would mean a lot of wasted time and effort for him, if it is not remunerated.

Very good question! 🙂

In Gabriele’s opinion, everyone should do the Astrological Services, because your natal chart contains information about all areas of life. He would also be able to look at the planetary transits and tell you what is coming into your life, therefore what you can do to prepare yourself for them. 

Tarot is best for specific situational-enquiry: eg. Should I choose Job X or Job Y or Why can’t Person A and I get along?

Channeling is great if you want advice from a higher energy (Angels, Akashic Records, Guides etc.) which tends to be non-intrusive and is best for higher and open-ended questions such as your life’s purpose and messages you need to hear.

Or alternatively, you can also do the Astro-Tarot Consultation in which he combines two modalities.

You can contact Gabriele and discuss with him and he’d better guide you to choose what works best for you. 

1)Be open: You may or may not like or even agree with what you hear but trust that what he has to say is what you need to hear most right then and there.

2)On making decision: You can expect clarity on decision-making at the end of the session but do not expect a decision to be made for you. The purpose of Gabriele is to empower people. Having him make the decision for you not only disempowers you, but also takes away your commitment to be responsible for yourself and your life. 

3)Be specific in your questions: The clearer you are with your questions, the more he is able to contribute to you.

4)Be prepared to jot notes or record the session: For long consultations, Gabriele typically encourage you to voice record the session and listen to it in your own time.

Gabriele does not own a shop, although sometimes he may be in residency at Life By Design.

He also appears at bazaars from time to time.

The best way to get hold of him, however, is to make an appointment with him. He can work across online platforms (Skype, Whatsapp) or even do house calls (subject to accessibility). But he typically conducts his readings at quiet cafes. 

While Gabriele understands that, meeting someone for the first time can be extremely daunting- especially someone who deals with such arts (“What if Gabriele tries to curse me?!”)- it is highly recommended that you meet him on your own.

Some of the things the two of you talk about can be extremely deep and private, and you might not want a third person to know.

Your birth information will never be shared with a third person. What happens in the consultation stays in the consultation unless there is a call for concern (eg. If clients expressed intention of suicide or confession of crime, Gabriele will not sit by and do nothing). 

No. Even for channeling, Gabriele only deals with higher forms of energy and you do not run the risk of possession or otherwise. 

If you are sensitive, however, you may sense energy and vibration during the channeling session. Not only is it safe, it also serves as validation of the message and the authenticity of the session. 

Please note that Gabriele is not a healthcare professional or a psychiatrist. Therefore, his services are not substitutes for professional treatments. You should always consult a doctor or healthcare provider if there are clinical concerns.