About Me

Holistic Background and History

Gabriele’s childhood is deeply influenced by Mahayana Buddhism. He also took Dharma classes on Sundays and was very active in the Buddhist monastery.

In 2003, he picked up his first pack of Tarot. As a teenager, he was interested and fascinated by the images of the Tarot and its promise to navigate the unseen and unknown.

In 2010, the first year of his university, he met a group of friends who further inspired his interest in the occult. It was then when he began his journey of honing his intuition. 

The true turning point for him came in 2012 when he had his first spiritual experience. Since then, he became more conscious and aware about fields of energies as well as the wide array of spiritual modalities. 

Over the years, he garnered and gathered more modalities under his belt: crystals, essential oils, energy work, channeling, Astrology, mediumship, oracle cards, orchid essences and psychic defense.   

Why Spiritual Work?

To Gabriele, Spirituality is a way of life and a philosophy. Learning to navigate the unseen and unknown is not a matter of controlling the other worldly forces. It is about understanding why events are happening the way they happen and lessons behind it. 

For many people, Karma is linked to the concept of retribution: what goes around, comes around. However, Karma is so much more than that. It is about understanding the deeper meaning behind events as well as its correspondence to underlying patterns in one’s life. 

To be able to see and understand the pattern allows one to choose differently and produce desirable results.

Ultimately, Gabriele’s purpose is to guide his clients see what they can’t (or refuse) to see and enable them to reach their highest potential.


Personal Life

Gabriele is deeply concerned about the socio-political issues of Singapore. He also identifies as a creative personnel working in the cultural sector (primarily in the theatre industry) and works freelance as an actor, playwright, theatremaker and drama educator. 

He enjoys working, developing and empowering youths and teenagers so that they can contribute to Singapore and the world with their talents and gifts.