Why the first half of 2022 is looking good (Astrologically speaking)?

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We are nearing the end of the first month of 2022, and I wonder, how is everybody?

I’m still in the process of planning for the year. It is slowly taking shape and, perhaps with the current retrograde, it’s taking slower than I thought it’d be.

2022 is actually quite a good year (at least the first half of it). I’ve shared this with a couple of people so I thought I’d share it here as well.

The astrological data of 2022 is promising to be a fortuitous one: None of the heavy Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020 (which accounts for how depressing the world is); none of the Uranus-Saturn Square that defines 2021 (the constant changing of rules and measures and whether we can work from home or if we can eat with 2 or 5 or 8 people).

(Ok, I spoke too fast. We will still see some bits of the 2021 planetary alignment this year, but the energy is looser and less tense.)

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2022 has a few pretty decent planetary placements: Jupiter has fully entered Pisces and would progress a little bit into Aries in the middle of the year: this is good news because Jupiter is the ‘traveling’ and ‘expanding’ planet. In Pisces and Aries, the promise of travel looks stronger than when it was in Capricorn and Aquarius in 2020 and 2021 respectively. I would certainly expect more ease and growth on that front.

Aside from that, Jupiter is coming together with Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter is a benefic energy of abundance and expansion. Neptune is the energy of dreams, transcendence, spirituality and the softening away of boundaries. Both energies would be coming together in Pisces, a sign of imagination, possibilities and compassion.

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The height of this conjunction happens between 8th April 2022 3.45pm GMT+8 to 17th April 2022 11.45am GMT+8. Mark your calendars, because this is the perfect period for manifestation, connection, spirituality and abundance. An even more specific timing would be between 9.23pm to 11.07pm on 12th April 2022 GMT +8.

Use this period to make a wish, manifest, go on retreat and reconnect yourself with your divine self. You’d be surprised by how powerful that can be and how you can leverage the universe to work through you. (I will post more about this when the time comes.)

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In fact, the sky really looks pretty good from February onwards. From 5th Feb all the way to the end of April, there are virtually no retrograding planets in the sky. This is a perfect period to do things and move along any endeavours that you might have since things are more likely to proceed without much difficulty or obstacles.

Then of course, from May onwards, the planets start retrograding. We will have the usual Mercury Retrogrades and the various retrogrades of the other outer planets which would certainly get us to re-examine some of the things that we are doing.

But honestly, The first half of the year is good. It’s only the second half that tends to be a downer, especially the Mars Retrograde which happens from September onwards. It promises to slow things down, increase frustration, tests our patience and possibly create rage in us.

I will post more about these retrogrades when the time comes. This is just a preview of the year ahead.

I wish that you had a lovely January and will continue to have an abundant February.

Drop me a line or DM if you wish to work with me as an Astrologer or a coach. Let me support you to create new wonders and scale new heights!

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