Courage is a Declaration

Here’s a message that came out from a coaching session that feels apt for Diwali!

Courage is a declaration.

When I was having a session with my client today, the topic of courage came up. She was trying to quit her job.

She was talking about some fear and anxiety that she has and my question to her was, “How can she generate courage in herself to make that next move?”

We like to say things like, “Find the inner fire within.”, “Find the strength within ourselves”.

In my conversation with her, this came to mind: Courage is actually a declaration.

Courage is not a passive thing that lies within us which either we have, or don’t. We don’t act in the face of fear because we believe that we have the courage to act. We act in the face of fear because we assess that we must act. That there is no reason to not act. And therefore we must declare courage into being.

Just thought that I’d share this beautiful wisdom that came in during my coaching session with my client.

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